Engineering Services

All capabilities under one roof to go from concept to finished design

MLS Automotive focuses on the design and production of Electronics Modules for automotive interior and exterior LED lighting applications. Our aim is to help our customers design and execute simple, reliable, and cost-effective LED solutions and we offer a one-stop-shop for all the necessary design (electrical, mechanical, thermal, optical, DFMEA, DFMA,…) simulate and test processes needed to bring a concept to production.

electronic schematic circuit by MLS automotive inc

Electrical circuit schematic design and simulation

Optimized electronic circuit design and components selection are performed by considering electrical performance, size, power consumption, environmental constraints as well as cost and part availability. Our long experience in the automotive industry allows us to deliver the best solution for each application.

We use powerful EDA software tools and simulation software to design and test the circuit.

PCB designfiles ready for production

Printed circuit board (PCB) layout (Gerber file)

Our experienced engineers know how to layout a printed circuit meeting manufacturing standards, low noise, and interference, proper thermal management, etc.  Thanks to our prototyping partners we can design and prototype PCBs on a very short turnaround.

We are also experienced with designing thermal PCB in various materials like Ceramics (Al2O3, AlN), metals (Aluminum, copper).

3D Modeling (CAD)

A solid 3D model design of any module allows for proper tooling, simulations, and testings reducing the time and investments needed for prototyping.

Our global team ensures around the clock progress and allow our customers to profit from the combination of close proximity services while benefiting from lower cost country wages.

Thermal Simulation

Upfront proper thermal design using CFD and FEA simulations can not only improve the design and its performance. It also speeds up the development phase by reducing the number of prototyping cycles, reduces net investments and it will lower the chances of field failures due to secondary themo-mechanical effects.

Our broad experience in thermal design and simulation includes passive as well as active cooling modules.

optiocal deisgn LED headlamp MLS automotive

Optical Design

Meeting the stringent regulatory automotive requirements while delivering on quality, performance and design features require not only a deep knowledge of electronic, mechanical and thermal design. A good optical design can be determined for the outcome within the budget.

Close cooperation within the optical design group and the other engineering disciplines is therefore indispensable and preferred to be done within the same team. MLS automotive offers this integral approach.

Tooling Design

Supported by our manufacturing partners, we can provide tooling design services for casted, MIM, and extruded metals, precision injection molded plastics, stamping well as (testing) jigs. This ensures compatibility with the manufacturing process and on time delivery of start-of-production (SOP) deadlines.
electronic testing by MLS automotive

Electronic Testing

Automotive electronics testing is essential to ensure the electronic components are safe and do not interfere with the vehicle’s safe operation. We, therefore, need to verify on top of all simulations that all of the electronic components survive rigorous testing and comply with relevant regulations and EMC test standards.
climate environmental test chamber mls automotive tail lamps

Environmental Testing

Environmental testing like humidity, climate, thermal cycling, EMF, shock & vibration,… are necessary to ensure the design will perform under any circumstance and ensures safety.

MLS Automotive Inc possesses the necessary knowledge of the testing requirements prescribed by the OEM and knows how to perform them, as well as has testing partners in place to execute these.

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