Who we are

MLS AUTOMOTIVE welcomes you to a world of possibilities limited only by your imagination! MLS AUTOMOTIVE Corporation is founded by a group of highly diverse automotive professional lighting engineers backed by more than 30 years of combined experience in automotive lighting design & manufacturing, prototype development and consultancy services. This dynamic team came together with the aim of reshaping the Automotive Lighting industry by offering high quality, affordable, and fully integrated lighting modules based on LED technology. MLS AUTOMOTIVE built a foundation upon its well established manufacturing foot print in Asia as a Tier 3 supplier in the automotive supply chain. Using our expertise in new and innovative technologies, production efficiencies that are above industry standards and the flexibility to provide customized solutions, MLS AUTOMOTIVE is a dependable supplier of fully integrated electronic assemblies to leading Tier 1 lamp assembly suppliers in NAFTA, JAPAN, EUROPE, and CHINA.

Where we are

At MLS AUTOMOTIVE, our customers' satisfaction is held to the highest standard. Our competitive advantage resides in the exceptional customer support we offer to provide value-driven solutions. MLS AUTOMOTIVE offers its customers a one-stop-shop for all their electronics module design and manufacturing needs. Our highly experienced and diverse technical team is fully equipped to take a design from concept to production. In addition to our customers' unique designs, MLS AUTOMOTIVE offers industry standard electronics modules that can be used across multiple platforms. The engineering team brings together diverse experiences that have been mastered over 30 years in LED automotive lighting design and manufacturingand continually exceeds customer expectations with a strong track record of quality and on-time delivery.

Today, MLS AUTOMOTIVE focuses on the design and production of Exterior LED Lighting Modules for the automotive industry. Our primary goal is to enable our customers to design and execute simple, reliable, and cost effective LED solutions. At MLS AUTOMOTIVE, we thrive on being dynamic as every day brings unique situations and solutions that vary from straightforward LED PCAs (LED + PCB + drive electronics) to highlycomplex and fully integrated modules that include the plastic carrier, optics and smart electronics.

Our mission is to help OEMs and Tier1 suppliers design, build and go-to-market quickly, affordably and efficiently with solutions that are of the highest level of automotive quality, utilizing state-of-the-art inventory and supply chain management systems, all while offering best-in-class customer service.

Where we are going

MLS AUTOMOTIVE strives to be the world's leading global automotive LED design and manufacturing partner. As we are continually looking to enhance our customers' experiences with us, MLS AUTOMOTIVE is in the final planning stage of 300K SqFt production facility that once completed, will be the epitome of advanced electronics assembly factories in Asia.

Our vision is to acquire all possible production processes (plastic molding, metal stamping, PCA, system integration) associated with creating an automotive LED module under one roof with quintessential manufacturing equipment and control processes.